• Feast of Tabernacles Jerusalem Solidarity Parade
  • The youngest Schindler survivor, Leon Leyson
  • Israel
  • CUFI Night to Honor Israel in San Francisco
  • Schindler's Grave
  • Shiloh Tree plant
  • NTHItx CA events Bus19 Tour
  • Samaria flags
  • Survivor Child Arms Flag
  • The Unforgotten Lifesaver Jews
  • April 19 2009 NTHI SF CUFI
  • Jerusalem today with Temple
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Visit our BLOG. Stay up-to-date on what is new at Schindler’s Ark - as well as what we are involved in and planning. You can also find out about our ministry and speaking schedule and visit our multimedia page, where you can check out audio and video clips, get materials and more.

"Ark In Action” May 2011 Newsletter
Schindler history, Israel's Memorial and Independence Days, Irena Sendler, David Rubin, CUFI, events and tours.

Schindler's Ark San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond Schedule of Events 
Holocaust Memorial Day, May 1 March of Remembrance across the Golden Gate Bridge and the USA.; Icon of Evil: Jerusalem Mufti and Hitler; CUFI – Washington DC Summit, tours and travel.

“The Ark In Action” December 2010 Newsletter
Hanukkah and Christmas, Israel’s worst fires on Mount Carmel; Mike Huchabee’s message to Israel.

“The Ark In Action” September 2010 Newsletter
The Feasts of the Lord; report of the CUFI Washington D.C. Summit July 20-22, 2010.

“The Ark In Action” December 2009 Newsletter
St. Louis Ship Passenger’s 70th Reunion and U.S. Senate Resolution 111 the tragedy that changed the world forever; the Oscar Schindler exhibit.



Schindler's Ark is a Judeo-Christian organization that stands as a bridge of support between Christians, Jews, the USA, the nations and Israel. We are a Christian ministry of reconciliation encouraging righteous actions and speaking up to defend victims of injustice and terror. Schindler's Ark hosts international speakers, seminars, educational events and tours to promote understanding and bring restitution to the needy. Together, and with your help, we can make a difference and save the lives of many.    

Schindler’s Ark is dedicated to the reconciliation between Christians and Jews. This ministry is a bridge of support to Israel. We build solidarity, promote understanding and teach on our Hebraic roots of our faith.  Schindler’s Ark seeks to provide support for restitution God’s people.

“Hallow the Name of the Lord” (Ezekiel 20:41) and bless the nations (Genesis 12:3).

Promote reconciliation and unity between Christians and Jews through expressions of unconditional love, kindness and respect by participating in fund raising for charity purposes.

Demonstrate social, economic and practical aid to be a source of solace and comfort to the needy victims of terror (Isaiah 40)

Sponsor teaching and training seminars on positive relationships to promote the healing of history’s traumatic wounds.

Conduct educational tours to relevant sites of biblically historical significance.

Consult, educate and provide classes and with benevolent training.

Provide support for the return of the Jews to their homeland, and to aid in the permanent rebuilding of the nation and people of Israel by giving practical assistance, comfort and encouragement. (Is. 60)

To not be silent and to demonstrate our biblical mandate of restoration preparing the way for Messiah’s coming. (Isaiah 62)




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